Mission statement



そして、我々KADOKAWA Contents Academyは、日本が持つ高水準なコンテンツ制作ノウハウを伝え、各国の若者が持つ文化を融合させた新しいコンテンツを生み出したいと考えています。

“Be the Platform Where the New Content of Cultures is Created, and Aiming at the Further Development of Japanese Content, On the platform where the new content of cultures are created, aiming at the development of further Japan contents.”

The Japanese content has been receiving a high evaluation, expected and held in respect from all around the world.

KADOKAWA Group will lead Japanese content companies to further growth by having the leadership of the Japanese content to export and publicity overseas. Also, We hope to create a diverse style and development of the content industry of each country by increasing the number of fans all over the world.
Then, KADOKAWA Contents Academy shall aim to create new content fused with youth culture of each country by teaching the high-level know how of Japanese content production.



Japan has faced the issues of population decrease and super-aging society since 2002 and has to switch business model to paradigm shift according to the change of it.
Many Japanese businesses cannot adapt that change and it is generating opportunity loss. Consequently, it is difficult to lead Japan’s future by only an existing business.
“Person” is the key to create future for the next generation by adapting to that change. Then, the learning is also the key to make its person.
Our mission is to create a new platform of learning and expand it all around the world.



A profitability of school business is depending on how to do business.
Our aim is not only to pursue making a profit, but also to teach Asian youth the high-level know-how of content production, and we desire to give them a chance to get a satisfying and enriching life.
Accordingly, we keep offering them opportunities such as classes, workshops, an internship, a study abroad program, events, and so on.

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