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経済産業省主催「第4回 アジア・コンテンツ・ビジネスサミット(ACBS)」より、アジア地域のコンテンツ産業関係者の皆様がKADOKAWA Contents Academyを訪問


KADOKAWA Contents Academy株式会社(本社:東京都千代田区、代表取締役:古賀鉄也、以下「KADOKAWA Contents Academy」)は、「第4回アジア・コンテンツ・ビジネスサミット」(経済産業省主催、以下、ACBS)の訪問企業先に選ばれ、アジア地域のコンテンツ産業関係者の皆様をお迎えいたしました。


1日目のプログラムでは講演セミナー、2日目には日本国内の組織・企業への訪問が行われ、今回その訪問先として、KADOKAWA Contents Academyが選ばれました。


弊社代表の古賀鉄也からは、KADOKAWA Contents Academyが展開するコンテンツ・スクール事業についての説明を、また、株式会社KADOKAWAの塚本進取締役からは、KADOKAWAグループの海外事業展開の実例や、今後の戦略について講演いたしました。




METI-sponsored “4th Asia Content Business Summit” Visited KADOKAWA Contents Academy

KADOKAWA Contents Academy Co.,Ltd was selected as one of the content company for “4th Asia Content Business Summit”(ACBS) by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Its attendees were people who involved in the content industry from nine countries in Asia.

“ACBS” is a METI-sponsored summit. It had convened in Tokyo from Oct. 21 through Oct. 22 for first time in three years.
They discussed the latest-topics in promotion measures of the content industry, market trends, and so on.

The 1st day is a lecture presentation. The 2nd day is a program to visit Japanese company. KCA was selected as one of the company of content business.

Tetsuya KOGA, president and CEO of KCA, had explained about the school business of content by KCA.Susumu TSUKAMOTO, director of KADOKAWA Corp., gave a presentation on the future strategy and the overseas business development of KADOKAWA Group.

After the presentation, many attendees asked various questions such as possibility of co-operation with the content industry of their own countries, censorship for the global development, specific questions about school: lecture time and fees, and so on.

We keep on pursuing the new talent, and then we will carry out a mission to develop Asia countries, the content industry and competent creators.

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