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台湾法人「台灣角川國際動漫股?有限公司」が台湾経済部の2014年度「IT産業国際優良パートナー賞(IPO Awards)」を受賞

IPO Awards受賞

KADOKAWA Contents Academy株式会社(本社:東京都千代田区、代表取締役:古賀鉄也、以下「KADOKAWA Contents Academy」)の100%子会社である台灣角川國際動漫股?有限公司(本社:台北市、以下「台灣角川國際動漫」)は、11月19日、台北市内で行われた台湾経済部工業局の2014年度「IT産業国際優良パートナー賞(以下「IPO Awards」)」において、「多元的イノベーションパートナー」を受賞いたしました。

「IPO Awards」とは、台湾経済部(日本の経済産業省に相当)から、転換期を迎えていると言われる台湾のIT産業において、人材育成や就職促進、台湾IT産業の国際競争力アップ、台湾製品の品質と付加価値の向上、台湾政府への政策協力など様々な点で貢献した外資系企業に贈られる賞です。




“KADOKAWA International Edutainment Co.,Ltd. (台灣角川國際動漫股?有限公司)Win The Prize of “IPO Awards of 2014” from Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan

KADOKAWA International Edutainment Co.,Ltd.(KIE); wholly-owned by KADOKAWA Contents Academy(KCA), received the prize of “the diversified innovation partners” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs(MOEA) of Taiwan in the 2014 IPO Awards ceremony.

“IPO Awards” is the prize that the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of Taiwan gave the prize to foreign companies in the IT industry that contributed in various aspects: the political cooperation for Taiwan’s government, the improvement of quality of Taiwan's products and the global competitiveness of the IT industry, and the development human resources and employment promotion.

In this year, four Japanese companies received the prize. KIE was selected as “diversified Innovation partners” that given to a company which contributed in the development human resources and an epoch-making service.
The MOEA recognized KIE is the company which has huge potential to contribute to the development of Taiwanese information industry by developing human resources who can create the digital content industry.

KCA will try contributing to the development of Taiwanese information industry with people in this region.

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