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KADOKAWA Contents Academyの海外コンテンツ・スクール、記念すべき第一校「角川国際動漫教育」が台湾で開校


「角川国際動漫教育」とは、KADOKAWA Contents Academy 株式会社(本社:東京都千代田区、代表取締役社長兼CEO:古賀 鉄也)が手がける海外コンテンツ・スクール事業台湾校の現地名称です。






KADOKAWA Contents Academyでは、この台湾校を皮切りに、シンガポール、香港、タイ、インドネシア、マレーシア等、アジア圏の10の国と地域に出校・展開を予定しており、各地でのコンテンツ制作人材の育成が期待されています。


Memorable Opening of Overseas Content School of KADOKAWA Contents Academy Co.,Ltd.
The First School in Taiwan called “KADOKAWA International Edutainment Taiwan(KIE)”

It held an opening ceremony of “KADOKAWA International Edutainment” and a press conference in Taipei on Sept.5.

“KADOKAWA International Edutainment” (KIE) is a name of the school in Taiwan, which is managed by the KADOKAWA Contents Academy(KCA) in Tokyo.

The ceremony was crowded with many local guests and the press.
Taiwan was chosen as the first overseas school of KCA because KADOKAWA is well known in Taiwan and there are a lot of fans of the Japanese content.

At press conference stage, Mr.Kadokawa(Chairman of KADOKAWA Corp) and Mr.Koga(President and CEO of KCA) made opening speeches, and then three men from the Executive Yuantook gave us their message of good wishes and hopes for KIE.

Also, KCA announced a new course: “Voice Actor Course”. Others are “manga course”, “character design course” and “card illustrator course”.
Many attendees were interested in the new course and a wide variety of courses in KIE.

Furthermore, Mr.Ponjea had given Mr.Kadokawa the original character portrait as a surprise gift, and then the whole place sprang to life.
Mr.Ponjea is a popular manga artist in Taiwan and has a track record of working in Japan.

After the press conference, we held a convivial party in a new school: KIE. Attendees looked around a new classroom that classes will begin at the end of Sept.

KIE is going to offer courses sequentially for the first generation students from Sept.27.
Four courses of five courses commencing are already oversubscribed as of the 15th Sept.
To recruit students is proceeding smoothly and it shows the local people have high hopes and interests to KIE.

KCA is planning to open schools and develop business in 10 countries in Asia: Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.
It is hoped that to develop competent creators of content through KCA.

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