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シンガポール・ポリテクニックのエクステンションプログラムとして開講する「Card Game Illustrator Course」の説明会を実施

シンガポール・ポリテクニック内での「Card Game Illustrator Course」の説明会実施

KADOKAWA Contents Academy株式会社(本社:東京都千代田区、代表取締役:古賀鉄也、以下「KADOKAWA Contents Academy」)は、1月23日、Singapore Polytechnic(シンガポール共和国、Principal and CEO:Tan Choon Shian、以下、「シンガポール・ポリテクニック」)のエクステンションプログラムとして3月に開講する「Card Game Illustrator Course」の説明会を行いました。

「Card Game Illustrator Course」とは、近年ニーズが高まっているカードゲームやソーシャルゲーム、モバイルゲームアプリなどのイラスト制作に携るための基礎技術習得を目指す授業で、株式会社MUGENUP(本社:東京都新宿区、代表取締役:一岡亮大、以下「MUGENUP」)監修のもと、カリキュラムを構築しています。



シンガポールではまだ実例のない取り組みとして、KADOKAWA Contents Academyが提供する「Card Game Illustrator Course」に注目が集まっています。




Information Session of “Card Game Illustrator Course” Held in Singapore Polytechnic

On Jan 23, KADOKAWA Contents Academy Co., Ltd.(KCA) and Singapore Polytechnic(SP) held the information session of “Card Game Illustrator Course” which opens on this March as an extension program in Singapore Polytechnic.

“Card Game Illustrator Course” is a program aimed at obtaining basic skills for creating illustrations such as card games, social games, mobile apps. The curriculum is designed under MUGENUP Inc.

Over 100 students from SP and other schools in Singapore participated in this information session which was held in a lecture hall of SP.

Collectible card game has been increasingly popular among young generation in Singapore and it is continuing to grow.
This course will be a great attraction for students who want to learn basic skills to potentially be a card game illustrator in Singapore.
Participants had shown great interest in an explanation about a class, the market of the collectible card game industry, illustrators of MUGENUP Inc. who work in the world.
After the session, many students came forward to get a private consultation.

“Card Game Illustrator Course” which is provided by KCA is receiving a lot of attention because it is the very first project in Singapore.

【Singapore Polytechnic】

It was established in 1954. It is one of the biggest educational institute and the oldest technical college school in Singapore. SP maintains friendly relations with Japan’s Universities and educational institutes.


MUGENUP Inc. is a company to produce illustration and 3DCG by using the crowdsourcing system to connect companies and creators of the world and is concentrating on educational business to develop creators.

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