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1月24日、25日、KADOKAWA Contents Academy株式会社が手がける台湾校「角川国際動漫教育」にて、ダニー・チュー氏をお呼びしての特別イベントを開催しました。






Danny Choo Visit KIE!“Mirai Suenaga”Illustration Contest and Special Lecture Held

KADOKAWA International Edutainment invited Danny Choo and held a special event on Jan 24 and 25.

Danny Choo was born in UK and currently based in Tokyo.
He is the producer of the Culture Japan which shares Japanese otaku culture to overseas with 5 languages.
He produces various collaborations with Japanese governments and companies using his profound knowledge of the Japanese otaku culture.

We invited him as a guest speaker of the special lecture.
It also held the illustration contest of “Mirai Suenaga,” a mascot character of the Culture Japan, and a lesson on illustration coloring by professional artist.
The total number of participants at this two days event was more than two hundred, and the venue was filled with fans of Danny and “Mirai Suenaga”

He had spoken about how he discovered Japanese culture and how he produced “Mirai Suenaga in the lecture.
In the contest, he chose two illustrations as “Danny Choo’s special award” from five excellent illustrations, which he commented and encouraged them on their works.

Danny received the word of cheers from participants who aim to be a manga artist or a character designer in the future, “I want you to go on the path that you believe in.“
We cannot take our eyes away from his future success along with the growth of Japanese otaku culture.

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