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KADOKAWA Contents Academy株式会社が手がける台湾校「角川国際動漫教育」で、9月20日、初めての卒業式が行われました。



卒業生の卒業制作作品については、後日「ComicWalker GLOBAL」内に掲載される予定です。

「ComicWalker GLOBAL」とは

「ComicWalker GLOBAL」は、日本語、中国繁体字、中国簡体字に対応しており、多言語で作品を楽しむことが出来ます。

KADOKAWA International Edutainment Produced First Graduates of the Card Game Illustrator Course

The first graduation ceremony was held at KADOKAWA Contents Academy’s school in Taiwan, KADOKAWA International Edutainment on 20th September 2015.The 13 students, who are the very first graduates from the school, successfully completed a year-long Card Game Illustrator Course, which started in September 2014.

In total 16 companies, including KADOKAWA CORPORATION, MUGENUP Inc. that compiled the course curriculum, publishers and game companies in Taiwan attended the presentation session of students’ graduation projects. Those companies were impressed with their works, and after their presentations, some graduates were already in discussions with some of these companies. Their hard work certainly seems to have paid off.

The works of students presented at this session will be shown at the ‘ComicWalker GLOBAL’ site at a later date. We look forward to seeing our graduates building their career in the future.

About ‘ComicWalker GLOBAL’
ComicWalker GLOBAL is a KADOKAWA’s platform, which is made for providing a place, not only for KADOKAWA subsidiaries or students/graduates of its foreign schools, but also for promising foreign creators, to present their manga and illustrations to the world. ComicWalker GLOBAL is a multiple languages platform. Currently you can enjoy content in Japanese and Chinese.

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