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ドレッドノート 台湾校卒業生デビュー

KADOKAWA Contents Academyが手掛ける台湾校「角川国際動漫教育」のカードゲームイラストレーターコースの卒業生が、またも日本でデビューすることが決まりました。

周さんは、今年1月『アンジュ・ヴィエルジュ』でデビューした一期生の陳さん同様、イラスト全体の完成度が高く評価され、「第二回ComicWalker GLOBALの卒業制作イラストコンテスト」で第一位を獲得。KADOKAWAのオリジナルトレーディングカードゲーム(TCG)『ドレッドノート』のカードイラストを手掛けることになりました。

周さんが描き上げた躍動感のある美少女キャラクター「支援型ヴァルキュリア スルーズ」を含む「『ドレッドノート』 ブースターパック Chapter6 コード・ヴァナルガンド」は、日本以外に、台湾、香港、シンガポールでも2016年7月28日に同時発売される予定です。



*周さんのデビューに関する詳細は、ComicWalker GLOBALサイトでも発表しています。



彼らが操るのは、神話上の存在、通称『ドレッドノート』。 “人が神を操りしとき、世界は滅ぶ———”



Another Taiwan School KADOKAWA International Edutainment Graduate from the Second Class to Debut in the TCG “Dreadnought” (On sale July 28, 2016)

June 27, 2016

KADOKAWA Contents Academy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “KCA”) announced that another graduate of the Card Game Illustrator course at its Taiwan school KADOKAWA International Edutainment (hereinafter, “KIE”) has been selected to debut in Japan.

This time, the student is Zhou , who graduated the second class in March 2016.   Like the graduate Chen from the first class who debuted with ‘Ange Vierge’ in January this year, Shu’s illustrations were highly evaluated for their high overall degree of finishing, winning first place in the Second Graduate Production Illustration Contest sponsored by ComicWalker GLOBAL.    Shu is to be involved in illustrating KADOKAWA’s original trading card game (TCG) “Dreadnought.”

The vivacious bishojo character “Support-type valkyria Trudr ”  drawn by Shu is included in the Dreadnought series Booster Pack Chapter 6: Code Vanargand, which is to be launched simultaneously in Japan as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore on July 28, 2016.

The activities of the Taiwanese graduates will bear watching as they steadily become active in Japan and Taiwan going forward.

*Details about Shu’s debut have been announced on the ComicWalker GLOBAL website (Japanese only)




About Dreadnought

Dreadnought is a Japanese Trading Card Game (TCG) developed by KADOKAWA.

The game is set in the present, where a brain science experiment sees the appearance of ‘casters,’ who have superhuman powers giving them authority over the information inside the brain.

They control a mythical character commonly known as the “Dreadnought.” “When people control the gods, the world will be destroyed…”

In a world whose end has been prophesied, the players must draw their own answers from the battle.

Dreadnought is a TCG inspired by the battles of these casters.

This authentic TCG has been released in other countries outside of Japan, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.

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