弊社の制作事業は、3DCG制作(主にモデリング)とプロダクション( 企画立案、ディレクション、編集、合成)の2つの機能があり、アニメ、ゲーム、CM、MV、PRコンサルティングなど多種多様な制作、活動が可能となっています。

Our production service department offers not only 3DCG production (mainly modelling) services, but also other production services such as plan proposals, directions, editing and compositions. Therefore, we can cover all your production needs, including Animation, TV Commercial, Music Video, PR consulting.



We provide high quality 3DCG production services, using MAYA software, in the areas of Games, Animation, TV Commercial of modelling, etc. Our experienced staff members are ready to handle all types of 3DCG production works, such as characters, creatures, robots and backgrounds.




We can provide one stop production services, covering plan proposals, directions, shooting, editing, composition and 3DCG. We can also produce all kinds of creative videos, such as Animation, TV Commercial, Music Video, movies for events and exhibitions. Using the latest video technology, we can present projection mapping, AR, VR, Live2D etc. by creating a unique and artistic way of seeing things.